General Information

This year's GGP competition will be held in association with the GIGA'09 workshop at IJCAI on Saturday, July 11. The competition will be held in Ballroom F, Ballroom Building of the Pasadena Convention Center. Participating teams should be there promplty no later than 8am.

Competition Format

The competion will consists of two preliminary heats of 5 participants each, with the top 4 players advancing to the final heat and players in seats 4-8 play simlilarly in a consolation heat. Preliminary heats (5 players each): Finals and consolation heats (4 players each):

The preliminary heats are scheduled to take approximatley 3 hours, and the finals/consolation heats 3.5 hours. More detailed description of the competition format, including tie breaking rules, is found here.

Pre-tournament Playing Period

The results from the pre-tournament playing period (June 15-28) on the Dresden GGP Server are in. The results were as follows:
place player average score # matches played # matches no errors error ratio
1 CadiaPlayer_lite 70.1856 862 848 0.0162
2 ary 66.9859 924 899 0.0271
3 TurboTurtle 56.1768 164 136 0.1707
4 Fluxplayer 52.2034 875 678 0.2251
5 centurio 49.3675 721 647 0.1026
6 Gamer 31.0576 330 171 0.4818
7 Hex 0.1053 19 2 0.8947
8 Ethan 0 0 0
9 Maligne 0 0 0

As a couple of the players did not participate, and others are still experiences substantial technical difficulties, we want to emphasize the importance of the authors getting their players to run robustly on the Dresden GGP Server before the IJCAI competition starts. We will be running on a tight schedule there so it is important that it runs as smooth as possible.

Competition Entries

The following teams registered for the 2009 GGP competition: